Community Helper Visit

This week, students in the Grade 1 and 2 were treated to a special visit from St. Johns Ambulance as part of our Integrated Topic. Students learnt some basic first aid including:

  • What is an emergency and what isn’t
  • What to do for a nose bleed, burn or snake bite
  • What it means to be conscious and unconscious
  • What number to call for an emergency

The session was wonderful and full of real life skills that students may need to use in emergency situations. Students seem to especially enjoy the game at the end and Joel playing an unconscious grandpa! Everyone was sent home with some goodies including a colouring book, a certificate of attainment, and a sticker.

Miss Post

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Basketball Clinic

Today we got to have a basketball clinic. Mike from the Coburg Giants came to school and taught us some different passes and some new games. We also learnt where different areas of the basketball court are, such as the baseline and the centre circle.

Making Pancakes

Over the past few weeks, students in Grade 2 have been learning about procedural texts. As it can be rather tricky to understand all of the structural features of this text type, students spent some time in class identifying the different features and reconstructing procedural texts into the correct format.

To further expose students to procedural texts and their structure, we decided to make some yummy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Students were very helpful throughout the session, informing the teachers of exactly what was needed to make the recipe (our ingredients and utensils), the quantities required and the steps involved in the method. Students seemed to thoroughly enjoy the session – especially when they were able to assist with pouring ingredients into the bowl and mixing the pancake batter.

The best part was when we got to choose our own toppings and eat the pancakes we made! They were deeelliiiccciiioouussss!

Cinquain Poems

We have been learning about Cinquain poems in class. Cinquain poems have to have five lines and they don’t rhyme. There are rules you have to follow for each of the five lines.

Here are some examples from our class.


Playful adorable

Playing cuddling sleeping

Enchanted sleeper

Spectacular sniffers


I pad

Smooth game

Typing playing gaming

They are fun

Game machine


JSC Reps

We have voted on the JSC representatives for our grade. It was a very close vote indeed. A big congratulations to Sophia and Jackson, our Junior School Council Representatives for 2017! We are certain you will do a fabulous job!