Toy Donations

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In Term 3, Grade 2 students will explore ‘Toys and Games’, as part of our integrated studies unit. Students will be learning about toys and games through the ages, studying the history as well as looking at how technology has influenced toy production. In order to fully immerse students in the unit, we would appreciate if families could kindly donate/supply any old toys or games that are no longer in use. Please only bring in pre-loved toys and games that you would be happy to part with, in case of accidental damage or loss.

We also require donations of toy catalogues. If you have any donations please give them to your child’s classroom teacher. Any and all donations are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

The Grade 2 Team

Spelling Tasks

Please be advised that there will not be any further spelling tasks posted on the blog, for the remainder of the term.  Students have been given a minibeast project to complete at home and as such, can dedicate their time and effort towards this.

Please be reminded that projects are due in no later than Friday 23rd June.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Melbourne Museum and Imax Excursion

On Tuesday, all the grade 2s went on an excursion to IMAX and the Melbourne Museum, because we are learning about Minibeasts.

We had to go on a bus to get there. When we arrived, we ate our fruit and snack, and then we had a play on the playground. After that, we went to IMAX to watch a 3D movie called ‘Bugs: Mighty Micro Monsters’. Lots of people got scared, but everybody liked the movie, although some people thought it could have been a bit more scary! We saw lots of awesome bugs in the movie. It felt like the bugs were coming out of the screen towards us, lots of people reached out to grab them!

After the movie, we ate our lunch then went back to the playground for another play.

At the Bugs Alive exhibit we went in a special dome to see bullants up close, there were lots and lots of spiders, and even one spider that wasn’t behind any glass!!! We also saw a movie about other spiders.

Next, we went to the Forest Gallery where we saw lots of birds and different plants.

By the end of the day everyone was VERY tired, but we had lots of fun! Some people nearly fell asleep on the bus ride home.


We were lucky enough to have a parent come into the class to teach us about coding using little robots. The students had to create a track for the robot to follow that had codes in it to tell the robot what to do. Everyone had a lot of fun.

Mini Beasts

We have been investigating the mini beasts we have at school and learning about their habitats. the class has made some maps of the school. They used their knowledge of mini beasts to make a legend for the map showing where they think certain mini beasts could be found.

Mini Beast Project

Grade 2’s were given a special project to complete at home, as homework! Students will be creating either an information poster or a diorama, (or both if they please), about a minibeast. Students can choose from the list provided, in the document below.

Poster paper will be supplied by the school, though any diorama materials will need to be supplied by parents.

If you didn’t receive the project sheet, please access the document from below and print off a copy.

Projects will be due no later than Friday the 23rd June. Part of the assessment will be an oral presentation of the project to peers.


Mini Beast projects_1-rx6lzf


As we head into Week 6, please click on the link below to access and print off the spelling task. This spelling task is for those families who wish to practice the phonic focus of the week. Please take note that the phonic focus is cious and tious for the next two weeks. This task will see students through for Week 6 and Week 7.
A new task will be posted for Week 8, so please stay tuned.